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Release Date: 2012-11-03

Number of Patterns: 6

Thanksgiving Scenes

The Turkey’s in the oven! Enjoy coloring our scenes of Thanksgiving including a cornucopia, a few cooked turkeys, and even a pilgrim in the snow!

Release Date: 2016-02-14

Number of Patterns: 6


Meet our little happy and mischievous leprechauns showing off their pots of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Release Date: 2014-04-24

Number of Patterns: 6

Fantasy Friends

Our Fairies and Gnomes will delight you with their sparkling colors and animated poses!

Release Date: 2014-02-05

Number of Patterns: 6

Music Hues

Let’s make some noise with our colorful musical patterns including a band, harp, keyboard, mandalin, treble clef, and violin!

Release Date: 2012-04-21

Number of Patterns: 6

Starter Set

Starter set

Release Date: 2013-09-21

Number of Patterns: 6


Have some shoemania fun! Paint our heels. Dressy shoes, moccasins, clogs, and the always popular puppy slippers!