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Release Date: 2013-08-07

Number of Patterns: 6

Classic Tales

Enjoy coloring Alibaba, Cinderella, Pied Piper, Rumpelstiltskin, Snow White and others in this detailed and colorful pattern set!

Release Date: 2013-07-13

Number of Patterns: 6

Ice Cream Treats

This set has six cool patterns of various ice cream treats including cones, sundaes, and a banana split. Color them quickly before they melt away!

Release Date: 2013-06-23

Number of Patterns: 6


Our fun loving cows are awaiting your coloring! You’ll also need to paint utters, flowers, bells, black splotches, grassy fields, and apple trees. Cowabunga!

Release Date: 2013-06-18

Number of Patterns: 6

Dressy Guys

Young and talented artist, Jasmine Flynn, has provided us with these wonderful images of Dressy Guys. You’ll find various styles including a green vest, checkered, and the ever popular doo wop!

Release Date: 2013-06-03

Number of Patterns: 6

Mexican Dolls

These illustrations of Mexican dolls were created by Marta Guijarro, a Spanish illustrator. Have fun painting these stylized patterns with Mexican themes and colors.

Release Date: 2013-05-25

Number of Patterns: 6

Mythological Creatures

Here’s a detailed set of Mythological Creatures with art created by Marta Guijarro, a Spanish Illustrator. You’ll find characters named Chimera, Kelpie, Roc, Unicorn, Wyrm, and Zaratan awaiting your painting!